Our Story

We are Diaspora Finest Greek Products. A brand established in Amsterdam, The Netherlands by 2 Greek brothers with the single purpose to continue the family tradition and continue what our ancestors developed over time. Diaspora is a word of Greek origin that describes a population that lives abroad their homeland. Just like us and you, your friend or your grandparents who had to leave their country of origin to pursue their dreams abroad. Diaspora is a global force that drives progress by connecting cultures, ideas, and tastes. 

  • We are only producing and distributing FINEST quality products, produced with love and meraki without further processing. All of our products are 100% pure and natural!

  • GREEK products are well-known and respected around the globe because of our unique Mediterranean climate that enables us to consistently harvest high-end crops.

  • Our family specializes in the production of extra virgin olive oil and raisins. While our area and network of people are known for producing various premium quality PRODUCTS.

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The Olive Tree

The olive tree is not just a tree. It is a symbol of humanity from the ancient years that represents peace, goodwill, wisdom, health, luck, stability, and victory! Olive oil is the most essential element of the Mediterranean diet which offers aroma and flavor while substantially contributing to health!  

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