About us

Why Diaspora?

Diaspora is a term derived from the Greek verb διασπείρω (diaspeirō), which means, "I scatter", "I spread about" and it is used to describe a scattered population whose origin lies in a separate geographic locale. Just like us, who are expat students in The Netherlands, and our grandparents who immigrated from Greece to Australia in the 1960s. As part of such international communities, it is always important to carry a piece of home with us and share it with other people. For our family, olive oil is one of these things that are integral to us, and love to share them with the world. Diaspora is a global phenomenon that contributes to worldwide developments and progress by linking different cultures, experiences, and tastes. Food holds an important role in Diasporas and together, with your trust and love we create a Diaspora of the finest Greek products. Because Diaspora Matters!



Our mission is to deliver authentic and pure products from nature to your door, be part of YOUR day and make it better. 



We have been fully active in the market since late November 2020 with distributing Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Netherlands from our own family’s lands in Greece to people’s doors. The quality is premium as there are no extra additives and further processing during the production phase.